3 reasons you keep failing at staying on top of things

<p>Three of the most common reasons we fail to stay on top of things we need to do are also 3 of the easiest things to fix. </p>

With the 2016 elections this week, this feels really relevant right now.

Personally, I didn’t get much of anything done yesterday.

It was a combination of having stayed up late watching the results come in, a blanket of malaise that fell over me afterwards, and it being my first day back at work after 4 days off. I’ve been doing my best to shake it off and I’m feeling empowered now. I hope, whatever your views, you’re feeling empowered today to make positive change for yourself and others in the world, too.

Anyway, yesterday was an odd day for me, but the effects it had on my mental state and ability to get anything done were just like a hundred other, more common causes.

To wit:

  • Exhaustion
  • Bad mood
  • Overwhelm

These are 3 big reasons we don’t do so hot at staying on top of things

We’re exhausted. We stay up just a few minutes later each night because we want to check Twitter just one more time. We snooze our alarm clocks every morning for just five more minutes. We drink coffee all day and then can’t fall asleep at night. We eat junk food because we’re too tired to cook dinner.

We get in bad moods. Our boss asks us to stay late. Our partner sasses us. Our cat pees on the carpet. Our neighbor won’t mow their grass. Our family posts crap on Facebook that annoys us. Our favorite show is cancelled. Our coworker gets the promotion we wanted.

We’re overwhelmed. We can’t catch up after vacations. We have too many tasks on our to-do lists. We don’t know what to do first. We don’t know how to get where we want to be. We don’t know what we’re missing when things don’t work out right. We don’t know what we’re doing wrong.

They’re also 3 of the easiest ones to fix

I can tell you to go to bed on time, take care of your body, ignore your family’s annoying Facebook posts, plan for coming back from vacations, and manage your to-do list better.

But I won’t, because it doesn’t do any good.

The truth is that you’re going to keep failing to stay on top of things until you decide that you aren’t and take the steps to make a permanent change in yourself.

I know because it’s exactly what happened with me.

So here’s what I will tell you: You can change this.

You can retrain yourself to stay on top of things — without getting stressed out or working 60 hours a week — but you’ve got to do it right.

Start by creating good foundations.

It’s as simple as this:

Eliminate the bullsh*t from your life so you have a clean slate to work from. Create rituals that help you enjoy doing the boring things and remember to do the good things.

And if you want help doing it all, I’ve got you. 

My free email course, the 7 Day Refresh, can be on its way right to your inbox by clicking the banner below. Grab it now and get a head start on defeating the overwhelm. Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of wine. 😉

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