Create Alchemy was transmuted into being to solve a major problem women today are facing: anxiety and overwhelm that prevent them from reaching their dreams. If you’re ready to turn your life into gold, I’m here to show you how to do it.

I teach women who want to turn their passions into masterpieces how to destroy the chaos taking up all their time and energy so they can find the creative focus to create amazing work.

I’m a User Experience Designer by day, a 7-year Minimalist, and a Ravenclaw-experimenter who tried hundreds of different methods for getting work done on my own passions (novels!) before I hit on the one that worked for not just that, but the rest of my hot-mess-of-a-life problems, too: Rituals, designed with specific criteria, that make forming habits fun, easy, and soulful.

And productive, of course.

I’m a HUGE fan of getting things done, and finding the best way to do it. I’m also a bit woo (Capricorn and proud!) and I believe that what you do should have meaning. Making cash can be part of that meaning, but it won’t sustain you, and that’s where Rituals come in.

Want to learn more? There’s plenty on the blog for you!

I'm Holly

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