New Skillshare Class: Here’s why you should take it!

<p>Is your email inbox totally out of control? This free Skillshare class will help you take control of your email once and for all. Grab your free enrollment link while they last!</p>

Quick post today to share a brand new class I just released on Skillshare. 

Defeating Digital Clutter for #Solopreneurs (pt. 1: Email)

It’s the first in a planned series that will completely clear the chaos from your entire digital life. 

What does it cover? So glad you asked:

What is digital clutter?

I explain digital clutter to you and how it crops up, especially with email.

Email subscriptions

You’ll finally get a handle on all the newsletters and subscriptions you get every day. It’s a rewarding feeling!

Your Inbox as a to-do list

We’ll talk about whether or not this is a good idea and what to do with your to-do list tasks that come through email.

Multiple email accounts

I used to have 4 myself (that I regularly checked). We’ll help you consolidate where possible and I’ll teach you what to do if it’s not possible.

Inbox labels

Email is pretty much worthless if you can’t find it when you need it. I’ll show you how to set up the perfect labeling system for you.

A fun + satisfying project

If you want, share your “after” with us so we can all see how great you did. Who doesn’t love a good before and after?

Want a free enrollment link to Defeating Digital Clutter: Email?

Awesome. I’ve got some to give away. Just click the button below:


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