1 Simple change to make your passion biz fun & easy again

<p>Is your passion biz starting to feel overwhelming and exhausting? Here's 1 simple change that helped me overcome just that + exactly how YOU can apply it! Click to read!</p>

 Feel like all the great ideas in your head are going to amount to nothing because you can't get anything done? I've been there. Here's how I fixed it.

Does this sound like you: You think about your passion constantly.

Maybe it’s your business, or your future business. Maybe you’ve got a day job, but all you can do is daydream about this heart-wish future where your passion makes you profits. You’ve got Pinterest boards stuffed with ideas for your passion biz, notes, to-do lists, books, and dozens of other things.

All you ever seem to think about is this one thing.

And yet when you get home from that day job, or get the kids to bed, or your errands done… you stare at a computer screen or your workshop, and just don’t get anything done. You’re exhausted. You’re procrastinating. Somewhere along the way, you’ve even lost your creativity. You’re stuck.

And you’re probably asking yourself WHY and HOW.

  • Why can’t you get anything done?
  • How could something you love so much, think about so often, be so freaking impossible?

Why you’ve been feeling overwhelmed

The answer to this question is frustratingly simple:

You’ve got too much of your brain spread out all over the place and you can’t keep up with it all.

Fortunately, the solution is also (frustratingly) simple. 

I’ve been exactly where you are — we’re talking daily anti-anxiety meds to keep me at a baseline + as-needed ones like Xanax on top of that for really bad days. I keep the Xanax around just in case these days, but I haven’t had to pull it out since a super turbulent flight last month. #notagreatflyer)

The bottom line: I know just how shitty it is to be controlled by having too much stress and not enough energy — and that’s why I went to so much effort to figure out how to beat the overwhelm, bring my energy back up, and stop getting myself so stressed out. 

Now I’m going to teach you one of my best tips. Yay!

Use a single planning tool. One. Only one. Yes, I mean ONE.

Remember when I said the answer to this question was frustratingly simple? I wasn’t lying. It’s obnoxious how simple it is, but frustrating because the initial implementation can take a day or two to finish and requires the use of some brain power.

You’ve got to think it through before you make the change. 

Always do things right the first time, imo.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Dump all of your to-do lists, calendars, notebooks, and task lists and use just one, full-service planning tool. 

My favorite is Asana (not an affiliate), but you can use anything you’re comfortable with.

The key is that you have one place, and one place only, to put all of your to-do lists, reminders, tasks, and notes.

I mentioned using Asana in a previous post to help you achieve your passion goal in an I’d-rather-stay-sane-thanks, way. It’s my 100% absolute favorite tool for keeping my brain clear these days. I use it for my day job, my personal life, and my Magnum Opus (this blog + my novels).

Why do I love it so much? It is an all-in-one solution.

It works for planning, strategizing, taking notes, and remembering.

I even use it to plan capsule wardrobes, as a blog editorial calendar, and to make notes of things that I think y’all would find valuable as blog posts.

People have planners, to-do lists, calendars, emails sitting in their inboxes, links bookmarked all over the place, and more. But none of those things actually help them get things done, and worse, they end up feeling more overwhelmed just from all the crap they have to keep up with.

Using just one planning tool well changes all of that. 

Try it and let me know how it goes. Send me some screenshots of your Asana planner projects! And comment below if you have any Asana questions or want me to make a tutorial. 


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